It all started when a friend and I decided to take all the money we had after University and go somewhere, anywhere! Next thing I knew, I was on a 3- month trip to South East Asia with no plan and no expectations. From that trip, my life was changed forever.

I had an idealized life plan, come back from my post-university trip, do my masters, start a career in Psychology, get married, house, kids and all the responsibilities that follow. When I returned from South East Asia I took, what I thought would be a short 1-year job, which turned into a multi – year career in the travel industry. I continued ticking off my dream destinations – exploring Australia coast to coast, walking along the Salt Flats in Bolivia, marching up the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, sitting atop sugar loaf mountain during sunset in Rio de Janeiro, scuba diving in Palawan, sky diving in Kauai, hiking up to Cinque Terre, pastries in Paris, and immersing myself in the diverse culture, which is Turkey, and the list goes on.

As people see the flood of updates on my social media accounts, I get countless questions of “how do you afford to travel so much? How do you find the time?” The truth is, I make the most of my time and I never have enough money for all the things I want to do, people I want to visit, and sights I want to see, but when will I ever?

I wanted to create this blog to share not only my travel experiences,  but also, tips and tricks of the travel industry, my simple Toronto life, hobbies & passions, and where I eat in Toronto to fulfill those international cravings.

Join me on my journey as I reminisce on my past experiences, travel to new destinations, eat my way through the Toronto food scene and everything in between. I will share with you some of the most prestigious hotels on earth to the hidden gem hole in the wall accommodations that have shaped each and every one of my travel experiences.

Here’s my story, what is yours? Let’s make it memorable!

Stacy xx

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