Live like a local in South Bay California

Riding through ‘The Strand’ on our beach cruisers from #hermosacyclery
Manhattan Beach breaks
hermosa pier 2_
Under Manhattan Beach pier
catching that Blue light
Manhattan Pier at Sunset
Biking over to Hermosa Beach to catch the last of the Sunset but can’t tear our eyes away
Sunset views from Sharkeez

Departing from the hustle & bustle of downtown Toronto it is best to hop on the UP Express and fly out on the 8PM Air Canada flight. You will naturally adjust to the time change AND you get to wake up in a beautiful place! Ah, blissssssss!

If you want to check out Hermosa & Manhattan Beach,  but you only have one day – don’t worry, I totally have you covered! I have convinced many friends & family to do stopovers, long weekend trips and day trips to my little piece of paradise and the only disappointment is when we have to go home.

How will you get around?

First things first! You don’t get the full South Bay experience by foot. It is best to rent a bike from hermosacyclery, but it is on a first come, first serve basis.

**Note: it is important to always opt for a cute beach cruiser; you will need the basket for your wine, compressed juice and beach snacks.

You can bike between the little beach towns from Redonda to Hermosa to Manhattan Beach! The whole ride is one beautiful street called ‘The Strand’ with incredible houses on one side, and the beach on the other. On your ride, where Hermosa and Manhattan meet there is the O.G. Beverly Hills 90210 beach house on 3500 The Strand (Hey, Brandon Walsh!).

Stop at each pier (remember to lock up your bike) and you will find SO MANY cute clothing boutiques, beach vibe restaurants, local pubs, and wine bars along the way. Naturally, I always get lost among the surfboards, volleyball competitions, happy hours, sunshine and general laissez-faire vibe of being a Californian.

IT IS AMAZING! And yes, it is real life.

Favourite Eats & Drinks while on a Bike Ride or in the area:

 Manhattan Beach Pier:

  • MB Post – Breakfast Tapas **the best**
  • Simmzy’s – Ahi Tartare and Happy Hour
  • Rock n’ Fish – Cocktails & seafood appies
  • Shellback Tavern – ultimate beachy, dive bar that overlooks the pier
  • The Strand House – glass of wine and sunset views
  • Cupcake Couture – custom cupcakes created daily

Hermosa Beach Pier:

  • Bonaparte – coffee & chocolate croissants on the pier
  • Greenbelt – badass breakfast sandwiches
  • Sharkeez – the famous Baja fish tacos
  • Mediterraneo – tapas & cocktails by the pier
  • Dia de Campo – the food is amazing, even better paired with margs
  • North End – it is the locals, LOCAL place and an abundance of L.A. King Fans

If you have been biking ALL day through ‘the Strand’ and it’s not yet sunset, you are likely in need of a super chill beach picnic. Also, do you want a cute local grocery store that sells wine, Prosecco fresh produce and amazing ice cream sandwiches? boccatos is the localspot! Plus, the people are absolutely lovely!

How would you spend one day in SoCal? (And do you want to come to Hermosa/Manhattan Beach when I go next?)

Stacy xo

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