My Piece of Paradise – Hermosa Beach

hermosa pier
Hermosa Beach Pier Boardwalk
The Crowsnest (coined at my cousin and her husband’s former place) – where amazing wine is drank, great conversation is had and memories are always made.


Hermosa Beach Pier at Sunset

Of all the places I have visited, I find myself repeatedly drawn to one very small beach town South of Los Angeles stretching over 3.69km square feet – Hermosa Beach.

When I arrive to this little beach town my senses are on overload, and the ocean brings me a sense of serenity, sparks my creativity, and makes me feel like I can literally do anything. Side Note: It also gives me beachy care-free wavy hair, so I really can’t complain about that either!

I am extremely fortunate that one of my cousins started building her life here many years ago because I get the opportunity to visit quite frequently – I don’t think I have overstayed my welcome QUITE yet.  At one point, some of her friends actually thought I lived close by during one of our sunset beach hangs!  I had to break the news that I am born & raised Canadian with a West Coast, California soul.

There is something about this place that makes me feel like I am experiencing the vacay bliss, but the comfort of being at home all at the same time. This is the beauty of finding your personal piece of paradise.

Where is your piece of paradise?

Stacy xx

Ps. Stay tuned I will be sharing all my favourites in the area from Hermosa to Manhattan Beach!

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